Jessica Cunningham writes heartbreaking letter to her daughters about their dad’s death

Jessica Cunningham has shared a moving letter to her daughters revealing the heartbreaking moment she had to tell them their father had died.

The former Apprentice contestant’s ex-partner Alistair Eccles, 35, was found hanged at his home in Burnley in August. He had been due to pick up their three daughters, aged six, four and three, the morning she found out.

Jessica, 30, said the tragedy had ‘instantly changed’ them and made them ‘grow up way too soon’.

“The morning I heard the news of your father’s death changed our lives forever,” she wrote in an emotional first post on her new parenting website, Mother of Maniacs .

“You were all still sleeping silently and innocently in bed without a care in the world. Too little to understand the true extent of what had happened, and too young to deserve this unfairness of life.

“One by one as I heard your tiny footsteps come down the stairs, my heart sank deeper into the pit of my stomach knowing I would have to tell you that daddy would not be picking you up this morning.

“Even writing this letter and re-living those moments, I see you clearly and remember how much smaller you seemed.”

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