Crime Based Serials And Our Society

Television is the most powerful media of mass communication these days. It is the most popular means of entertainment and knowledge. Every group of the society watches the TV, either regularly or irregularly. Serial programmes have emerged to be further more acceptable form of amusement and have formed a kind of addiction. Similarly, crime based […]

Reality of Hindi Television Shows Today

Do your children sit and watch television serials with you? If yes is your answer then that’s simply because the Hindi Television channels have understood the importance of younger audience. So, what is it that has pulled them towards the television sets, especially during the prime time slots? The answer to that question is reality […]

Love in Reality Television

After twenty collective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, one must wonder if any actual romance existed in the first place. There is definitely lust among the contestants, as evident by the multitude of make out sessions per episode, but can meaningful relationships blossom beyond the initial physical attraction? The track record seems doubtful. […]

To Love a Serial Killer

Dexter is played by Michael C. Hall, who is perfect for the role. The show takes place in Miami. Dexter is a forensic “blood spatter” analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. A convenient place for a serial killer to hide. It also comes in handy for helping him to pick out his deserving victims. […]

Video Projectors

Some of the various indispensable parts of a video projector are the feed spool, xenon arc lamp, projection lens, optical sound head, take up spool, an aperture, normal lens and a rotating shutter. But with the advancement of science, new technologies have come into play. The projectors have become much more advanced in terms of […]